7 Reasons why gambling makes you happy!


Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular. The number of visitors is constantly increasing, and the offer is immense. But why does gambling makes so happy, there are a variety of different reasons. In addition to the exciting pastime, there is also the thrill, which makes gambling stand out. 

Reason 1: Feeling happiness

As soon as a person feels happiness, this feeling of well-being or its trigger is stored in the brain. This means that gambling is the trigger here and is accordingly stored as a positive anchor in the brain. In other words, the brain remembers that happiness is felt during gambling and then simply wants more of it. In addition to the positive effect of the feeling of happiness, however, this also carries the risk of addiction. After all, the happy experience is now burned into the brain, and it virtually demands this state of happiness again and again.

Reason 2: Getting rich overnight


Another factor that makes gambling so happy is the possibility of becoming rich overnight. Most people dream all their lives of becoming rich overnight and finally making the big win. So, in addition to the game, the hope that you could land a big score with just a little luck and then be rid of all your financial problems at once is another factor why online casinos are booming so much.

Reason 3: Just let everyday life be everyday life

The conventional everyday life of man is not always necessarily inspired by happiness. Probably every person knows the daily struggle with difficulties and problems. Gambling, however, makes sure that you can completely forget your work problems as well as possible relationship problems for a while. Through the fun that is felt here, gambling ensures that you can recharge yourself with new energy.

Reason 4: Experience the special kick

When gambling you have exactly two options, either you win, or you lose. The constant uncertainty and hope that resonate with every game provide plenty of adrenaline. This adrenaline kick is what many people are looking for. It is not for nothing that there is a whole range of different ways to get a real and powerful adrenaline kick. Here you only have to think of bungee jumping, which is aimed solely at exactly this kick.

However, when visiting a casino, you don’t need to jump off any cliff or bridge, it’s quite enough to visit the casino and challenge your luck. This means that a visit to the casino not only guarantees a lot of fun while playing and the chance to win big, but the player will get his desired adrenaline rush.

Reason 5: A place for social contacts

Especially during a visit to the stationary casino, you get the opportunity to meet a colourful mixed bouquet of the most diverse people. Here, it is not uncommon to meet the rich and beautiful of society, which is of course very interesting to observe. But you can of course also visit the casino together with friends, so the casino also becomes a place of socialization, so to speak.

Reason 6: The variety of entertainment options

casino games

The casino offers a variety of entertainment options. Often the large stationary casinos offer great live music acts, or you can watch a comedy show. Live broadcasts of sporting events are also offered at times, and much more. Likewise, there is always provided for the physical well-being of the players and even if you do not play yourself, then the hustle and bustle in the environment alone provides enough entertainment.

Reason 7: The effect of the happiness hormones

By now, everyone has probably heard of the happiness hormones dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. This messenger is often mentioned at the same time as serotonin and norepinephrine. Regardless of whether it is a dopamine deficiency or a dopamine high, the body, mind and soul always feel the effects immediately. In the case of a deficiency, a kind of depressive feeling announces itself, in the case of a high, the feelings of happiness rollover. Exactly those always make themselves felt during gambling. Furthermore, it has long been discovered that dopamine is also closely related to the learning processes in the human brain.

Serotonin is also a happiness hormone and a messenger substance. This messenger substance has the most significant effects on the brain. Mental illnesses, for example, are cured with serotonin. Serotonin has a relaxing, motivating and antidepressant effect.

The young brain is not yet fully developed. The centre for impulses, where control, planning and the ability to prioritize are located, is not fully formed until the mid-twenties. Thus, the young brain is much more vulnerable in terms of impulse control. An adult brain can react in a reflective and level-headed manner in the area of gambling, for example. A young brain, on the other hand, which has been conditioned to think that feelings of happiness are just pulsating when gambling, can only control itself with difficulty. The result is that people gamble and gamble and gamble without restraint.

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