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Want to get more out of your sports betting tips? Do you want to know how professionals lucratively cash in on their sports betting tips? Then you’ve come to the right place in our guide to the best sports betting tips. We’ll show you how to bet correctly in the future and why you can get even more out of your sports betting with our sports betting tips.

Build up real expert knowledge about good bets with us now and turn this knowledge into decent betting profits in the future! Part of betting correctly is choosing a reputable and safe bookmaker. The most beautiful winnings are useless if they remain virtual in the end.

With bookmaker selection the sport bets correctly tip

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Look at the licenses and recessions, which a sports betting provider has to show. You will quickly see if it is a reputable betting provider.

Furthermore, you should look at the offered betting odds, because only fair offers ensure you high and profitable profits in the long term with your football betting tips. If you are already “ripped off” by the bookie when it comes to the odds, your betting account will not grow in the desired form with your sports betting tips.

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At first glance, the differences may not seem so serious, but if you do the math, you will quickly see that the spread can quickly amount to several hundred euros per year when betting regularly.

When comparing the odds, you should never forget to include the betting tax in your consideration. Often, betting providers that bear the German special tax themselves operate with lower payout ratios but are ultimately more profitable.

Serious money management – the basic building block for success

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The basis for correct betting is your own money management. Never proceed haphazardly. Do not bet from your gut with unnecessary sums.

Your stake in all sports betting tips should always be in a healthy ratio to your total capital. We recommend never investing more than five percent per tip. The starting point of money management is your initial capital.

Only deposit funds with the bookie that you are willing to lose. If you try to make a profit for living under pressure, it can be fatal.

Especially in the beginning, it is advisable for your sports betting tips to plan a maximum amount for betting per month or week and enforce this decision. Because when placing bets, it is possible to lose track and even control.

Gambling addiction is a problem that can be avoided with clear rules. Therefore, before you start betting properly, think about how you can document income and expenses in a meaningful way.


How to learn how to bet correctly? Although we have established ten basic rules, we are honest enough to say that nothing beats your own sports betting experience for successful betting. Therefore, our recommendation: Analyse not only the games based on statistics, but also your own 

success. In which leagues are you more successful than average? What bets have you placed there? Which of course leads us to the next question.

How to analyse bets correctly? Take a look at the home form of the home team and the away form of the away team, add the direct comparison and you have mastered the basics. From these numbers, you need to calculate probabilities, convert them into odds and match them with the bookmakers’ counter values. Only if your calculated odds are lower than the bookmaker’s odds, it is a value bet. This is the most sustainable method in online sports betting. Finally, to get the best odds, it is necessary to register with different bookmakers.

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