The system bet – what is it?

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The system bet can be described as a further development of the combination bet. The idea is to place several combined bets at once. In contrast to the combination bet, not every tip must be won in the system bet. There are different system bets, which you can basically choose freely. Below are some notes on the subject.

Explanation system bet 2 out of 3 systems

Three games are selected in which Bayern, Mönchengladbach and Bayer Leverkusen are involved. The bet is victory of the named team in each match. The odds are 1.40 for a Bayern win, 2.50 for a Mönchengladbach win and 2.25 for a Bayer Leverkusen win.Now, 2 out of 3 means that it’s all about 2s combination bets, which result from these three tips. There are three of them: Bayern win combined with the Monchengladbach win, the Bayern win combined with the Bayer Leverkusen win and the combination of Monchengladbach win and Bayer Leverkusen win. The images show the betting slip from bwin.

If, for example, 30 euros are now bet in total, 10 euros flow into each individual combination bet. If it is now assumed that only the second tip was correct, i.e. the combination bet of Bayern win and Mönchengladbach win, the following profit results: odds 1.40 multiplied by the odds 2.50 with a 10 euro stake results in a profit of 35.00 euros. With a stake of 30 euros, this is still a profit of 5.00 euros and thus well over 10% return.

System bet 3 out of 5

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Analogous to the system bet, only with different numbers, the 3 out of 5 system works: 5 teams are selected that are likely to win. Accordingly, bets are placed on victory. Then, all possible 3 out of 5 combination bets are placed, which result from this. There are 10 combinations which can result from this. With a stake of 10 euros, to stay with the example, that would be a total stake of 100 euros.

Also as an example, a quota of 1.7 should apply to all games. With one correct tip, next to 9 wrong ones, the profit would be 49.13 euros. So two combinations would have to be correct for that to result in a profit. But then the profit is quite interesting. If the odds are just a little better, two correct tips on combination bets are already enough.

Find the right sport

Of course, system bets do not have to be made in soccer. There are many other sports in which this type of bet is possible. It is important to have sufficient knowledge in the division. Even if only background knowledge is available, this is very valuable. Why? New information can be processed very quickly and easily.

Acquiring new knowledge without already having the basics, on the other hand, is very difficult. Therefore, it is important: choose a sport for which there is great enthusiasm and in which there is already a good foundation of knowledge. This makes things much easier.

Finding the right betting provider

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In principle, we have already pointed out what matters most when choosing the right sports betting provider: on the one hand, it must offer system betting and, on the other hand, the desired sport. When looking at the system bets, it is further important to note which systems are to be played and which are provided by the bookmaker. Within the desired division must then of course in an appropriate period then also sufficient bets are available so that the desired system bet can also be played. For the 3 out of 5 system, this would be at least 5 matches. Why at least? Because the bettor must also be able to pick a favourite. Typing on good luck rarely works well – and certainly not permanently.

What else is important when choosing the right bookmaker? It should be reputable and make payouts reliably. Under certain circumstances, it can also make sense to pay attention to the handling of the betting tax. The mandatory levy was introduced in 2012 and represents an additional burden of 5% for the online bookmaker. Especially interesting for new customers is also an attractive new customer bonus. Most bookies double the initial deposit here up to a certain amount. However, the amount is not really decisive here, the bonus conditions are much more important. Although they are now mostly very fair, the differences are sometimes enormous. So: Be sure to read through and compare!

Our conclusion on system bets

System bets are an interesting further development of combined bets. Of course, the analysis of the event in advance is not taken away from you, but it is allowed to lose one or the other combination bet.

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