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Comics are becoming more and more popular. Firstly, because modern culture is a culture of fantasy. People are increasingly looking for alternative ways to realize their hopes and expectations themselves.

So, online casinos often offer slots with the theme of comics. This genre is actively developing, there are many interesting authors and stories in this field, and marketing mechanisms allow a casino to better promote such a slot. Another reason for popularization is the movie adaptation. Everyone knows that DC and Marvel comics make the box office ring neatly and many players come to this genre after watching movies. Online slots with comic themes are often an environment of authorial experiments and philosophical theories. So, if you are s of superheroes and fantastic adventures, you can discover many online slots on this theme in this article.

Wonder Woman Gold Slot

Wonder Woman Gold Slot

As mentioned at the beginning, comics as a theme are quite common among gambling houses. This is not surprising, as the demand created by players generates the supply. Many players like to gamble a slot with a comic theme, that’s why you can find a large number of such themed slots at Online Casino Austria and choose the games with the best comic characters from a variety of software providers. You may also discover casinos not only in Austria, where slot machines can be filtered by themes. In this case, you can easily choose pure cartoon games. In this case, try to find a slot called Wonder Woman Gold.

This online slot has 40 pay lines, which can be combined with five reels and four rows. Here you will find wild symbols, scatters and three jackpots as usual. As a result, players can benefit from a generous casino bonus. The slot is based on a movie of the same name, which was released in 1974. Before the protagonist of the comic became famous as Wonder Woman, she was known as Diana – a princess of the Amazons and indomitable warrior. When a plane carrying an American pilot crashed on a hidden paradise island, Diana discovered the terrible truth about the bloody war raging in the outside world. Fighting side by side with men, she will reveal the limits of her power and learn its true purpose.

Batman Begins

There is an eternal controversy about who is the best superhero. It’s no secret that Batman is an ordinary man in a bat costume, but he can give many heroes an edge. For Batman, every fight is a deadly test, he is aware of his weakness, but still does not deviate from the heroic path. That is why it is so easy to empathize and sympathize in the online slot. Comic fans don’t choose slot machines with Batman for anything, to get as close as possible to their favourite hero and create their gambling world of victory and success. Themes with Batman are therefore rightly at the top of all reviews of slots from the world of DC Comics.

This slot from Playtech offers a pretty high payout rate, reaching 95.11%. Batman Begins has five reels, 20 pay lines and three rows of symbols on the main screen. In each spin, jackpots can be launched on a separate screen. It is necessary to open the cells in which the coloured lights appear. To get one of the jackpots, you need to collect a certain number of items of the corresponding type.

Superman The Movie

Superman The Movie

When we talk about superheroes, Superman might be the next person that comes to mind. This character is so popular all over the world that you can find him not only in comics but also in live casinos in Switzerland because there you can even play Superman Roulette. The video effects and the design of the live studio fully reflect the style of the franchise. As long as you enjoy a real visit to the casino, experienced croupiers will provide you with a unique gaming experience. Together with the available bonuses, winnings are closer to you than ever.

The eponymous slot from Playtech has four progressive jackpots. The winning amount varies depending on the type of jackpot (Grand, Major, Minor or Mini Jackpot). The layout consists of 100 pay lines with wild and scatter symbols. Here you will have the feeling of Superman’s presence through the design in the famous red and blue tones, the fonts and the Superman symbol add even more entourage. Feel like a superhero saving the city and get positive emotions from the relaxed atmosphere of the slot.

Justice League Slot

Justice League completes the list of the best online slots about comics. If you don’t consider that the movie wasn’t the best, DC’s comics about the Justice League are probably the most successful. The plot consists of uniting all the heroes into a team that saves people and fights for justice.

So, Justice League is a fascinating progressive slot. With five reels and 40 pay lines, there are plenty of betting options. The game has a wild symbol, which can turn into any of the symbols that are currently not enough to win. To make gaming even more fun, there are also scatter symbols that can appear in any of the reels (even on the pay line) at any time and help the player win. The RTP rate or the percentage of return to the players is 96.7%. The online game also offers a progressive jackpot that increases with each bet made.


In general, the comic genre is more about emotions. When you play slots on this theme online, you plunge into adventures together with the main characters and feel excited. Comic-licensed projects have long enjoyed an excellent reputation and rightly so, which is understandable. Considering that there have been a lot of comic-licensed games lately, there are some real masterpieces among them. Comic slots from the worlds of DC and Marvel hold their own very evenly not only in their race, but also in comparison with other market representatives, and continue to please players with their diversity and generosity of bonus features.

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