Slot machines with a cool theme: classics from the world of television

X-Men slot

Virtual casinos have seen a flurry of activity, especially in the recent past. More and more people want to pursue their casino passion not only in a local casino, but also from the comfort of their own home on their own computer. There are numerous casino providers on the Internet that offer customers a huge portfolio of exciting casino games.

Among the most sought-after games in an Internet casino are without a doubt the diverse slot machines. The large selection can convince in any case, as the machines are offered on different themes and in an attractive design. Some slot machines are dedicated to various movie and television themes and thus receive a lot of attention.

The Flintstones – fun slot for all occasions

The Flintstones slot

The animated series The Flintstones was able to inspire many children and teenagers over generations. For this reason, Playtech has also created a special slot machine, which deals with this series in detail. The Flintstones slot can be found in the offer of numerous online casinos.

1. reels, symbols and paylines

The Flintstones Slot has a total of five reels, through which the different paylines can be displayed to the customer. The player can benefit from 1024 paylines here. Among the symbols are of course the familiar faces from the television series.

2. minimum bet and maximum bet

The minimum bet, which must be placed in a round at The Flintstones slot, is €0.40. The customer is allowed to bet a maximum of €40 in one round on this slot.

3. payout ratio and bonus games

The Flintstones slot convinces with a strong payout rate of 94.95%. This gives the player the opportunity to achieve above-average winnings. In addition, it is also possible to win bonus games within the game on this slot.


The X-Men slot is based on the well-known movie series from Marvel. The manufacturer behind this slot is once again Playtech. This slot is a progressive slot game, which in practice can offer the player many individual options and approaches.

1. reels, symbols and paylines

The X-Men slot machine has a total of 5 different reels. The player can benefit from 25 different paylines on this slot machine. Among the symbols are the well-known characters from the Marvel movie series of the same name.

2. bet and odds

The X-Men slot machine can be used from a low bet of just €0.25. The special thing about this slot machine is that there is a wild symbol, which is linked to a particularly strong multiplier. Since this slot is a progressive slot, the customer has the opportunity to win up to 1000 times his bet.

3. the payout ratio and other special features

The payout rate on the X-Men slot is 95%. By wagering on the X-Men slot, a progressive jackpot can also be won.

South Park

South Park slot

The famous animated series South Park from the USA was used by the company NetEnt to also launch a slot of the same name. Already since September 2013, customers in many different online casinos have the opportunity to use the South Park slot from NetEnt.

1. stakes and odds

The South Park Slot by NetEnt can already be done on a bet of 25 cents. The slot has five reels and three rows. In total, players can benefit from 25 paylines on South Park Slot.

2. strong payout ratio and multiplier

A very positive thing to mention is the strong payout rate of 96.7%. Players also have the possibility to increase their winnings with a multiplier or to win a high jackpot as well.

3. additional features and free spins

There are several bonus features available. In Kyle mode, the player has the possibility to win freespins.


All friends of online casino games can fall back on a large selection of different machines in online casinos. The machines, which deal with special TV series or movies, offer very special excitement. In any case, it is necessary that the player before using a machine also familiarizes himself with the various features of a slot.

Both the minimum and maximum bets vary between the different slot machines. In addition, there are various paylines and different symbols, which all differ from each other. Therefore, before using a slot machine, the set of rules should be looked at very carefully.

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