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To win a lot of money in an online casino is not so easy – and that makes sense. These tips will help you but are no guarantee to win! We have compiled 6 tips that can help in winning and increasing the chances of gambling in online casinos.

Keep an eye on the payout amount

The most important statistic when playing games of chance and splitting your bonus money is the so-called payout amount. For each slot machine, you can look up this amount and make decisions about playing online casino games based on it.

This amount also called RTP, changes depending on the selected slot machine. The higher this percentage chance, the easier it is to recover your bet. This percentage chance offers the average profit again. So, if you bet €50 on a slot machine with an RTP of 96%, you will win 96% of your money on average – this can be less, but it can also be much more. When playing an online casino, the payout amount is one of the most important factors, along with the payout duration, which is the time it takes to receive your winnings.

Taking advantage of the bonuses

There are many different bonuses in casinos – you can get free spins, deposit 1 euro 20 in the casino or even get free credit when you create your account. No matter what casino bonus in Germany you get, there is a wide variety of bonus offers at the casinos where you play the casino games in Germany. One should take advantage of these to increase one’s chances of winning.

Depending on the bonus type, there are different ways to do this. In the case of a bonus for the first and/or second deposit, one should set the deposited money as high as possible (depending on one’s budget) to receive “free” play money and increase one’s chances of winning. One can also sign up at various casinos with no deposit welcome bonuses and then decide where to continue playing depending on the profit one draws from this online casino bonus. One should invest in the bonuses awarded well.

Play games for free first

Another good tip is to play the games for free first if possible. Many online casinos allow the player to try the games after registration even without depositing money – then of course only with play money. Plays slot machines online, this has so several advantages. These include:

– One can try out the game first without paying money for it. One can try different betting levels and play through the rounds without experiencing losses.

– Casino games in Germany have many different features, strategies and bonus rounds that the player has to get used to when switching games. If one uses only free play money, he can bet immediately on the desired amount and does not have to bet small amounts to get acquainted with the game.

– Before wagering online casino real money in Germany, playing for free helps to test the payout chance of the chosen slots and thus better plan the future wagering of real money.

Bet conservatively in live games

Slots can be tested extensively if you play them for free first, but what do you do if you want to win at live games? Live games are a completely different and, in modern casinos, very immersive experience in which you can play against other players in the online casino. Games like roulette, various card games and dice games are generally played with a dealer and against other players. In these games, you should bet conservatively. What does this mean?

First, of course, one should practice the live game of choice. Here, too, it is important to set a limit and to reach this limit very slowly. If you play games of chance in Germany, this is generally a good idea: the less you bet, the more you can do with your balance. Sure, the winnings are a bit lower this way, but it gives the player himself time to get used to the games and develop strategies, which is especially important in live games.

Conservative betting also helps to analyse the different moves of the other players. The more you practice, the more you can trust in your moves. Smart use of the online casino bonus combined with conservative use can play a big role in winning.

Set yourself a limit

One of the most important things to learn early on when playing in online arcades is setting a limit. If you don’t set yourself a limit, then it can quickly happen that your money runs out. Especially when trying to take advantage of an online casino bonus, you should always look at your money amount and limit yourself depending on it.

This has two advantages: first of all, it allows you to control your money better. If you play a lot of different slots, you can try out different strategies, estimate the RTP better and make smarter moves. This is not only true for slots but also for live games. The less money you bet, the longer it will last.

Secondly, you can limit losses. If you don’t win any money or you’re just not lucky, setting a limit will help you not lose more money. You can close the day and continue playing later – again with a limit, of course. Should you play in a safe and reliable online casino, then you can have fun every day this way without losing too much money. Winnings are also a lot more valuable this way.

Have fun

The last and probably the most valuable tip when playing gambling in Germany on the internet is simply to have fun. Since winning even with some tips, limits and exercises still depends more or less on luck, the main thing you should focus on is having fun. Because that’s what the online arcade is all about: you can try out the dozens of offers and games and enjoy them – and if you end up winning money, then all the better.

Fun should always be in the foreground. However, if you follow our tips, this should not be a problem. Take advantage of the bonuses; practice live games; bet smartly and conservatively; set yourself a limit and try out the games with or without Casino Bonus Germany for free first, if possible. Have fun and good luck!

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